Lost Civilizations Uncovered
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Ancient Secrets

Articles about lost civilizations, mysterious artifacts, and alternative history...

A brief confession about my own experience with Ancient Secrets.
Mysteries: Fact or Fiction?
A look at a few ancient mysteries still unsolved and some that are already history.
A look at the life and work of alternative historian Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods.
A look at Hancock's changing theories about underwater remnants of a lost civilization.
Were the Maya descendents of the lost worlds of Atlantis, Mu, neither or both?
Exploring claims that medieval Chinese sailors landed in America.
Why do alternative authors think everyone is out to get them?
Is there any evidence that the Egyptians built their own pyramids?
Could Egypt's most famous statue predate the pharaohs?
A Russian mathematician says history is a fraud. Others think he is. My Skeptic article investigates.
Are aliens, Tibetans, or Egyptians buried in the Grand Canyon?
Why Easter Island isn't proof that aliens or Atlanteans existed.
Why we look back fondly on lost worlds that never were.

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