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Inside the Book

Take a peek inside The Cult of Alien Gods 







1. The Crossroads of Fact and Fiction


PART ONE: Precursors of the Myth

2. Science and Pseudoscience in Lovecraft’s Time

3. Science Fiction and Horror before Lovecraft


PART TWO: Stories of Gods from Outer Space

4. The Prophet of Providence

5. The Spread of the Lovecraft Circle

6. The UFO Craze in Fact and Fiction


PART THREE: From Fiction to Fact

7. The French Connection

8. Charioteer of the Gods


INTERLUDE: The View from 1976

9. The Fork in the Road


PART FOUR: From Sirius to Orion and Beyond

10. The Sirius Mystery

11. The Orion Mystery

12. Dusting for Fingerprints

13. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


PART FIVE: Human Clones from the Twelfth Planet

14. Ancestors from Nibiru

15. Taking off from Nibiru

16. The UFO Cults and Human Cloning



17. A Modern Myth for Troubled Times


Appendix: A Continuum of Belief


Selected Bibliography

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